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The Llanymynech Golfer

This website is for members of, and visitors to, this unique golf course.



To book a tee time, telephone the pro's shop on: 01691-830542 and select option 1. Alternatively visit the official club website, http://www.llanymynechgolfclub.co.uk/ and follow the link to "online booking".

Do NOT use "teetimes4you"!


For an interesting comparison, on a split screen, between a map of Llanymynech Hill, before the building of the golf course, and a modern satellite picture, click here.


An article, by Tony Adams, has appeared in "Golfers Local" regarding Llanymynech Golf Club. In this article he says that "...players can tee off from the fourth tee in England and putt out on the green in Wales". It appears that Mr. Adams has limited knowledge of both Llanymynech and Geography. As the above picture shows he has mixed up his countries!


He's done it again! In the latest edition of "Golfer's Local", Tony Adams describes Llanymynech as being in North Shropshire. Whilst it is acknowledged that three holes are in that district the other fifteen holes together with the clubhouse, car parks, practice areas, green-keepers workshops and storage sheds are, of course, in Wales!



If you think that golf is a game for boring, old f**ts, look at this:



Although the ladies in the video are wonderful the "stars" are, undoubtedly, our two

young(ish!) pros, Stu and Sam. Look out for them at 26-32 secs and 54-60 secs.

Here's a "taster!



Should you be thinking of visiting this wonderful golf course, whet your appetite by clicking on the "Points of Interest" page.


The aim of this online magazine is to complement the golf club's official website whilst also allowing input from members and visitors alike. We would be happy to receive your pictures, anecdotes, suggestions and opinions.

Please send any items for publication to: editor@llanymynechgolfclub.com The names and addresses of contributors can be withheld from publication if so requested.

Ian Woosnam, O.B.E.

In his autobiography, Ian charts his journey in the world of golf. In the introduction he describes it as a journey "that began that bright spring day at Llanymynech Golf Club". He goes on to say that "Llanymynech still represents something very important in my life". However, the final sentence in that section, is the most telling: "And it is a journey that will also end at Llanymynech Golf Club because, in spirit at least, I have never been away".

"WOOSIE My Autobiography" published by CollinsWillow.


To read more about the Woosnam family, click HERE.


Should you require any more information on the club, please e-mail: info@llanymynechgolfclub.com



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